Extra Credit Post

1.) Discuss You own Photographic practice including how you us a camera and you workflow in detail. Has it changed over the semester?  I don’t think that my photographic practice  has changed very much. I pretty much do the same think that I always do, I look at some stuff and come up with an … Continue reading

Final Project

For my final project I decided to make a book like the one I did for the google search images. I originally wanted to do something family related but I usually use my family members as models. I wanted to do something different, so I looked into doing war. Then though about poverty from war … Continue reading

Week 15

Family Assignment Reflection: Overall I got some positive feedback about the content of my family project and the idea I was trying to portray. However the  execution of my project lacked. It was difficult to view and see my pictures cause of the projector and size of my images. If I was more aware of … Continue reading

Week 14

1. Choose one Family Assignment presentation/project from each group and write a brief summary 2-3 sentences describing the work. Group 1: Collin’s project was a video slide show that showed his transition from his family to his family of friends out  in Arizona.  I related with Collin’s project cause I’m a student from another country and … Continue reading

Most Powerful Images of 2011

Can’t believe the year is almost over ! I found this link of the 45 most powerful images of the year. Here is the link These two are my favorite images and events that remember very well. The first picture  is of theA monstrous dust storm (Haboob) roared through Phoenix, Arizona in July and the … Continue reading

Tumblr Photography Blogs

I use Tumblr a lot and I came across a couple of photo blogs that I think are pretty good and would like to share. 1.) http://hopeandanchor.tumblr.com/ 2.) http://samesies.tumblr.com  This blog takes similar photos that might look the same, but aren’t. 3.) http://fakirsandthieves.tumblr.com

Public Art Project

Here is a video that inspired our Public Art Project 

Week 13

1. Review Kirstin Van Cleef’s presentation as you have with the three previous lectures. Do you think it will help your group in planning and designing your Public Art / Large Art project? Kirstin talked about her job, and various projects that she has worked on throughout the Scottsdale/Phoenix/Tempe area. As a project manager of … Continue reading

Week 12

1. Talk generally about the books you saw today. What ones were the most effective and why? The books I saw at the book fair were interesting especially the ones that were not appropriated. Cause there were a lot of repeating images in the appropriated books. They were pictures that and ideas I would have … Continue reading

Week 11

1. What are your thoughts regarding children privacy on the internet? Due to recent events in the news about incidents with internet  creeps that prey on youth, I think when posting images of children on the internet  it should be censored or monitored. Nude images of children has become such a sensitive subject and it … Continue reading